Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our residents with exemplary service in a quality home environment, to provide our employees unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional development, and to provide our partners and clients with maximized real estate asset value.

To Our Residents ~ We are dedicated to delivering exemplary service in a quality home environment. Our goal is to be the home provider of choice, a goal in which we attain through our residents and through our employees. We understand that our customers define the standard of quality and service, and their loyalty must be earned. Once our services are tested, it will prove that we care about the personal growth and comfort of our residents.

To Our Employees ~ We are dedicated to developing our employees personally and professionally. We understand that by supporting our employees with a dynamic work environment, ongoing training, performance-based recognition and opportunities for advancement, our business will continually succeed. We believe that by encouraging personal and professional growth, our employees will exceed their expectations–with the benefits being realized by all.

To Our Clients and Partners ~ We are dedicated to maximizing your real estate asset value. We quickly adapt to the diversity of individual investors, markets and residents through sound leadership, and unparalleled industry expertise and our unwavering commitment to service. Our company tracks the rental market with amazing detail to keep you updated to the ever-changing market conditions.

To Our Community ~ The Duerksen Family mission is to provide the highest quality of public service where it is needed the most. We offer support to all companies and personally managed owners as well as tenants. Our company offers monthly education to anyone interested in learning fairness to tenant relations. This education accompanies learning excellent treatment to tenants with facts as to how to operate within the Oregon Statutes and legal boundaries. We started this community service 4 years ago. Since inception we have been able to unite the community with the Police Department, Fire Department, OSU, City of Corvallis, CSC, Department of Environmental Quality through the State of Oregon and the Energy Trust Department.

Community Support through philanthropy ~ We work with many non-profits and charities to assist them in achieving their community goals. Our company has prospered due to local support and giving back, which has now become more than just a personal goal for us. We are a large supporter in many ways beyond financial support. Our long term goals are to grow our responsibility to help fund charities at a higher level. If you have a charity you like, let us know. We will help you out!