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Meeting Times and Schedule

Last Tuesday of each month
Lunch from 11:30 – 12:00
Meeting from 12:00 – 1:00
Corvallis Elk’s Lodge
1400 NW 9th Street
Corvallis OR 97330

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Duerksen & Associates, Inc. started a group about three years ago called RPMG (Rental Property Management Group). This group is for the community of Property Managers and Landlords, whether you own a single unit or professionally manage many units, to become better educated in our industry and to treat tenants with honesty and respect. RPMG is a community-run group that meets the last Tuesday of each month at the Corvallis Elk’s Lodge from 11:30am – 1:30pm with topics on continuing education, tenant relations and community development. These meetings are open to anyone, and are a place where you can feel free to ask questions and make comments without fear of reprisals, teasing or legal action. Duerksen & Associates, Inc. is also able to give continuing education for licensed people.

The goal of RPMG is to help each other to be fair, kind and to have consistency within our industry, to support and learn from each other and to create a community others will want to use as a model. RPMG has been the most positive way that changes have taken place in Corvallis for all parties involved in the rental process. There has been a plethora of changes, although there is still more to do.

Our Mission:

  • To show others that being positive, grateful and consistent will not only benefit you but an entire community.
  • To establish a group of landlords that join together to improve the rental situation in Corvallis, by providing education, both formally and informally to all who want to improve the experience of landlords and tenants.
  • To be a source of education and commitment to our community of rental property owners and professional property managers.
  • To help people to do the right thing, educating them on what that means and becoming more involved.
  • We have strengthened the partnership between property managers/owners, OSU, Corvallis Police Department, City of Corvallis, Corvallis Fire Dept., E.P.A., Fair Housing of Oregon, Veterans of Benton & Linn County, Elderly & senior citizens and tenants.
  • The biggest impact to our community has been the positive involvement we have had with neighborhood issues, the Corvallis Police Department and OSU. We are all talking to each other on a regular basis and collectively forming goals that will assist all of us in accomplishing a more unified system that benefits everyone. The progress we have made stands out as an example of cooperation never before seen in this community.