We are sorry to see you leave, but we were happy to have you as our tenant. During your moving process, we would like the condition of your home to be in top shape. We have attached cleaning instructions, a chart of Normal Wear & Tear vs Damage, a survey, and a move out maintenance issue form.

Cleaning is the most disputed Security Deposit item. Each person has a different level of clean. We have outlined in great detail our cleaning instructions. Cleaning costs vary from about $30 – $60 per hour depending on how much cleaning is needed when the home is vacated.

We are willing to do a final walk through with you in two different ways. The walk through will last about 15 minutes and we will NOT give any estimate on how much will be deducted from the Security Deposit. We will point out items that are not clean or give pointers on what the most missed items are.

Inspections will only be conducted during regular business hours. All inspection appointments must be made at least 2 weeks in advance due to scheduling. Appointments can be made anytime during the 30 day notice period. When scheduling an appointment, please choose one of the following options:

  • Option #1: All the tenant(s) items MUST be removed from the home and the home must be cleaned by the tenant(s) according to the Cleaning Check List. Our representative will come to the home and go through the Cleaning Check List with the tenant(s) and point out any items that need additional cleaning.
  • Option #2: The tenant(s) does not have all the items removed from the home but would like to go over the Cleaning Check List at their home. Our representative will come to the home and go through the Cleaning Check List with the tenant(s) and point out items that are the most common problem areas of cleaning.
  • Option #3: Hire one of the cleaning companies we work with to clean your home to guarantee that you won’t be charged for cleaning from your deposit. Contact the cleaning company for additional information. FREE Estimate.
    • Berry Clean LLC ~ 541-231-4437
    • All-Pro Property Services ~ 541-368-7397

Once you have turned in your keys you will not be allowed to do any additional cleaning. We will NOT call you after the inspection to allow you to return and do any additional cleaning.

Refundable Flooring Deposit: This deposit covers the cost of Duerksen & Associates, Inc. to professionally clean all the flooring in your home. The flooring includes, but is not limited to, carpet, vinyl and hardwood. Duerksen & Associates, Inc. will make arrangements with the floor cleaning company of our choice. The tenant(s) is not allowed to hire their own floor cleaning company or use a “rug doctor” system that is often rented in grocery stores. If the tenant cleans the flooring, the flooring will still be cleaned by the company of the landlord’s choice. After the flooring has been cleaned the tenant will receive an invoice with the total cost of the floor cleaning included in their security deposit return. If the deposit paid was more than the actual cost of the floor cleaning, you will be refunded the remaining amount. You MUST vacuum the carpets and sweep the floors prior to leaving. If you do not, there will be an additional charge for that service.

Yard Care. The yard, patio area or area that is the responsibility of the tenant, needs to be mowed, edged (weed eat), weed flower beds, remove ALL pet waste from the yard (we charge $60 per hour for removing pet waste), Sweep/blow all walk ways, patios and decks. ALL ITEMS AND DEBRIS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE YARD / PATIO AREA. The cost of yard care is $45/hr with an one hour minimum.

Items Left Behind will be destroyed, donated to charity or disposed of after 15 days of your move out. You will be charged for the time it takes to remove the items, and the disposal fee. That charge is $45 per hour (2 hour minimum) plus the disposal fee.

Maintenance will be taken care of by our Licensed, Bonded and Insured maintenance people. Do NOT spackle any tack or nail holes as there will be an extra charge to re-spackle.

Shortly after the termination of your rental agreement, your residence will be inspected. It should be understood that the refund of your deposit is contingent upon satisfactory completion of this inspection. Any tenant related damage and/or repair which wasn’t specifically noted on your Inventory & Condition of Unit Form when you moved in should be corrected before your departure or the cost of the repair will be charged out of your security deposit at $45/hr with an hour minimum.

If you vacate prior to the end of your 30 day notice, please return keys to the office during business hours or in the drop box after hours. When you drop off your keys please make sure they are labeled with your address. When you return your keys, it is assumed that you are out of your home. All of your furniture and personal items must be removed from the house before the keys are returned. You may not stay in the home after the keys are turned into our office. You will not be allowed back in the rental to do additional cleaning. Please do NOT leave the keys in your home.

Please make sure you have given us your forwarding address, prior to returning your keys. If we do not have a forwarding address for you we will send any future mailing to the address you last rented from us and assume you have put in a change of address with the US Postal Service.

Be sure to cancel any automatic payments you may have set up through our online system.

Call the utility companies and discontinue services as of your move-out date.

Please feel free to contact our Front Office if you have any questions or need additional information.