We are very excited to show off our new animated logo! In a time when many logo animations aim to be busy, it’s refreshing to see motion design that is polished with simplicity. Simplicity doesn’t always necessarily mean easy, the best designs often require a honed vision and execution to make ‘simple’ exciting.

Every good company creates a Vision & Mission Statement they promise to use in their daily business dealings. It is easy to get busy and forget to operate by that statement.

The Vision & Mission statement is an important tool that our family and in our business that reflects on our decision making processes.

We would like to show you real examples of how we use our Vision & Mission Statement on a daily basis.

Duerksen & Associates, Inc has added three new employees, which include a new position, the maintenance coordinator, and the expanded position of our full-time inspector. This allows us to better manage properties for our owners, coordinate with vendors, and keep all our rental properties in tip-top shape while providing tenants with a better place to live.

Our employees are able to expand on their expertise and learning with personal and professional growth by providing more defined roles, which offers more effective communication to our owners, tenants, vendors, and community.

We have expanded our community partners with RPMG (Rental Property Management Group) to bring the best ideas, services, and partnerships to the table. This has afforded us the opportunity to create consistency in our industry and demonstrate a fair and kind relationship between property managers, landlords, and tenants.

As a proud supporter of our community, we look for new ways to give back through philanthropic efforts. Donating money, time, and effort to support our K-12 youth via Old Mill School and Boys Girls Club of Corvallis is a passion for our family business. Look to see how we continue to support other businesses and community members in the non-profit of the month mention our Facebook page and monthly newsletter.

Our family and Duerksen & Associates, Inc. truly believe that our Vision & Mission helps us make our relationships, community, and business stronger.

We appreciate your support!

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How to Communicate With Tenants Via Notices

Communicating with your tenants is a routine matter for many property managers, but if not done correctly, could lead to more problematic issues down the line. Whether you are inviting tenants to a clubhouse event or giving an eviction notice, it is pertinent that you craft your communication message carefully.

1. Give Your Tenant Time

If an occupant has not responded to a message that requires the action or a response to your message, remember to give at least five business days before you follow up. Be sure to craft a kind and courteous tone when communicating your message, it is far easier to engage others when they perceive kindness and understanding.

2. Send Multiple Forms of Communication

Albeit obvious, but it is very important to remember that everyone communicates differently, this includes what mediums and methods were used to contact a tenant regarding any updates or notices.

While some people prefer to receive paper notices, others may prefer digital or email communication regarding their rental home. By including both paper notices and email follow-ups, the property manager provides two points of contact to ensure that the tenant was informed about their notice. Providing staggered communication helps to remind renters of upcoming events or seasonal check-ins, and thus more likely to remember and retain property manager communication.

3. Document All Forms of Communication

As a property manager, recording all communication with each tenant in a centralized location is essential. By providing a record of your attempts to contact the tenant and any responses from the tenant, you are better prepared to effectively communicate the details of the occupant’s actions regarding notices.

This will be useful if you need to take more serious action against a renter, such as beginning an eviction process or dealings with court orders.

4. Unruly Tenants

In most cases, tenants will obey any notices, respond quickly, and many will work with property managers regarding outstanding issues or scheduling dates to enter the apartment. In such cases where this is not the norm, it may be time for reinforced communication.

Rather than pointing the finger and placing blame on your tenant, follow up with the original notice, but reiterate that you have reached out regarding this issue. This is both helpful for the tenant to understand that the property manager has been working to inform the tenant of these outstanding issues and outlines to higher officials (property owner, court officials, etc.) that the property manager has made multiple points of contact with the tenant.

It is easy to let your frustration get the better of you, but it is very important to maintain a kind and courteous tone when communicating with your tenant. Using stern or harsh words is like to alienate your renter and may create a more hostile communication environment. More importantly, the trust and relationship you once had with your tenant may be damaged.

5. Clear Communication

Finally, it is essential that you craft your communication to tenants in a clear and concise manner. Write at a fourth-grade reading level, so your message is simple to understand. Use a standard business letter format with your property management branding so the tenant has a clear idea of who the author is. Lastly, be sure to sign and date all communication efforts and keep copies for your records.

If you do not communicate with your tenant properly, the court may penalize you. You may lose a dispute for failing to follow state laws that outline communication procedures with tenants. Remember to write in a positive/empathic tone, use simple language, and include all the information a tenant may need.

The Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager for Your Investment Property

If you are looking to invest in a real estate property for the first time and have begun the research process, you probably know that managing a rental property alone can be a full-time job. Choosing a property, placing ads in strategic locations, managing tenants or renovations, and maximizing your investment requires in-depth knowledge and complete dedication if you want to find success.

Although there is no “one size fits all” solution, there are several benefits for first-time investors to consider a hiring a property management team.

When you invest your finances in a real estate property, you are also investing your money in your tenants. Finding quality tenants is a time-consuming process and often the most difficult piece of the puzzle.

One of the major benefits of hiring a property management company is their expertise in rental advertising strategies. A skilled management team can:

– Create your rental ads
– Place them in strategic locations
– Manage incoming inquiries
– Schedule individual viewings
– Interview potential tenants
– Conduct background checks
– Create tenant contracts that protect both the investor and tenant
– And procure payment from tenants on a regular basis

For new investors, finding quality tenants can be a struggle, but with an experienced property manager by your side, you can safely and efficiently advertise and secure quality tenants.

Once you have found a tenant or tenants, you will need to maintain communication. This ranges from maintenance or renovation requests, reminders about monthly payments, complaints about noise, and retention of tenants in current units. Addressing these issues with tenants is a delicate process and is best handled with respect and gentle but effective communication.

If you do not have the time to manage tenant communications or are not interested in maintaining the landlord/tenant relationship, hiring a property management near the rental property is highly recommended. They will handle the aforementioned problems, saving you the hassle and steep learning curve.

Taxes and Value
Another benefit in securing a property management team is the free advice on tax deductions and assistance with organizing the necessary forms and documentation to make those claims. With this in mind, you can begin to maximize your investment dollars.

One of the key ways to protect your investment dollars is gaining access to in-house and insured contractors who can provide urgent or annual repairs. Without a property management team, the investor is solely responsible for finding licensed contractors and negotiating timeline and costs, which can be time-consuming and draining for the investor.

Owner Benefits
Property investment is often glorified as a guaranteed moneymaking endeavor. However, many people do not realize the amount of personal time, money, and stress that goes into managing an investment property.

Tenants are often times unpredictable. As an inexperienced landlord, you are likely to run into late night emergencies, evictions, damaged property, and constant rent reminders, thus creating more work for the investor or owner of the property.

By having a real estate property manager, you can expect to see more money and experience less stress throughout your investment property experience. Contact us for information on finding a quality real estate property management team for your next investment project.

With a successful real estate career that spans more than 40 years, Duerksen & Associates, Inc. has a proven track record of property management in Corvallis, Oregon. This family owned and operated company offers a full-service Property Management & Real Estate business serving those looking to move within the Corvallis area or those looking for Corvallis investment property management. Duerksen & Associates, Inc. continues to exceed their mission by consistently providing unparalleled professional management of real estate properties in Oregon communities including: Corvallis, Albany, Philomath, Benton County, and Linn County.

Duerksen & Associates, Inc. provides residents with exemplary service, diverse neighborhood environments, and a dedication to maximizing client’s real estate asset value. With an extensive knowledge of Corvallis home rentals and Corvallis apartment rentals, Duerksen & Associates, Inc. pride themselves on finding the right home for you or the right buyer for your home.

In addition to delivering exemplary customer service, the Duerksen Family is invested in providing continuing education on new laws and regulations affecting rental properties. In 2013, the company started a group called RPMG (Rental Property Management Group). These hour-long meetings gather once a month at the Corvallis Elk’s Lodge to help educate local landlords and Property Managers. Key topics include: direct concerns to local communities, dissecting and discussing new laws, presentations on how to improve your skills as a Property Manager or landlord, and creating consistency across Corvallis investment property management.

Property Managers conduct market research so that you get the highest return; they listen to your needs and find you the perfect place to invest or call home. Unlike many companies, property management is Duerksen & Associates, Inc.’s specialty, not their sideline. With the goal to help property investors be successful and rental tenants be happy, the Duerksen Family has contributed to the community in a way others will want to use as a model.

Stop by or call with your rental or investment property questions.